From the moment we discovered Manzanita in November of 2000, we wanted nothing more than to leave the confines of our city lives and run away here. So convinced were we by our Weimaraner Cameron that we had discovered paradise, we immediately started searching for real-estate. His smile said it all. This is where the three of us belong. If you're ever curious what it takes to make you happy, ask your dog.

So taken were we with this little coastal village that when the proprietor of a charming cluster of newly built cabins expressed to us his desire to move on, we jumped at the opportunity. Hence began our adventure as the hosts of Coast Cabins.

We are individuals who are passionate about lodging. In our frequent travels we search out what makes a place, what it takes to turn lodging into an experience. What allows a traveler to separate themselves from their lives and exist, albeit for just a short while, in a blank canvas going where ones feet lead them.

We believe that good lodging should be a balanced blend of hospitality, comfort, art, discretion, and privacy. Coast Cabins is not a traditional Inn, Lodge nor B&B. We offer a unique experience unlike anything on the Oregon Coast.

We know you have many options when it comes to Oregon Coast lodging. We hope that you will consider our property for a memorable experience.

Pawel & Gary
Partners, Travelers, Outdoorsmen & Nature Lovers, Art Collectors, Ocean Obsessives - and we also own Coast Cabins.